Friday, November 23

EA-PS 606 - Upgrade stoped in the phase XPRA_EXECUTION

Our system is ECC 6 EhP 6. We need to upgrade the EA-PS from 600 to 606, and by MOPZ it also need to upgrade the FI-CA and IS-PS-CA component.

The upgrade stopped in the phase XPRA_EXECUTION with failed in the step TP_STEP_FAILURE and return code 0008 for SAPK-60601INFICA.

Check the log for detail, it showed about BRF and FDT_AFTER_IMPORT. Another Error is :
"There is no active version of &1 in the database yet" FDT_CORE 701".

To fix it, implement this SAP Note : 1752322 -BRF+: FDT_AFTER_IMPORT maight fail during upgrade or update. Continue the step and it will solved.

Notes : this for SAP BASIS 731.




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