Tuesday, September 17

Logging Monitoring For Mikrotik Lv 5 Using Syslog Server

Requirement :
- Mikrotik ( I used Lv 5)
- Syslog server (Laptop/PC)

To monitoring mikrotik log using from our server or PC and then we can save the log, below are the steps :
1. Download and install Syslog Server to your laptop/PC and the run this application
2. login to mikrotik
3. Go to System > Logging > Action :
     - double klik remote type
     - set remote address with your laptop IP
     - choose  BSD Syslog
     - choose local0
     - apply and OK

4. Go to System > Logging >  Rules :
     - add for example Topics : Account and Action : remote
     - OK

5. Go to Syslog server and hit F5 or refresh. Everytime login or logout from mikrotik, our syslog will capture this activity.

6. Go to step 4 for any activity for example : system,  pptp, sh, script etc.

Thursday, January 3

SAP : Error Crystal Reports Cannot Be Displayed: CR101

When we change the layout of ALV using Crystal Report view, There's an error that "Crystal reports cannot be displayed: CR101".

To fix this error, just apply this SAP note : 1805676

Notes : Our SAP Basis release 731 SP04. In SP07 there's a correction delivered for this error.

This is the reason for that error :
 ABAP server exchange data with Crystal Viewer over XML files. On of the XML files called "Presentation XML" contains invalid value for date: " <Date>2013-13-01</Date>".

The issue happens only if you use generic report. The issue does not appear if you use specific report. 

Rgds ... 

Friday, November 23

EA-PS 606 - Upgrade stoped in the phase XPRA_EXECUTION

Our system is ECC 6 EhP 6. We need to upgrade the EA-PS from 600 to 606, and by MOPZ it also need to upgrade the FI-CA and IS-PS-CA component.

The upgrade stopped in the phase XPRA_EXECUTION with failed in the step TP_STEP_FAILURE and return code 0008 for SAPK-60601INFICA.

Check the log for detail, it showed about BRF and FDT_AFTER_IMPORT. Another Error is :
"There is no active version of &1 in the database yet" FDT_CORE 701".

To fix it, implement this SAP Note : 1752322 -BRF+: FDT_AFTER_IMPORT maight fail during upgrade or update. Continue the step and it will solved.

Notes : this for SAP BASIS 731.



Thursday, November 15

Syntax Error in Program Saplstcomb Field Proj_status Unknown

In the 2nd screen for this tcode (CORO or COR1), suddenly appear ABAP short dump :

Category               ABAP Programming Error
Runtime Errors         SYNTAX_ERROR
ABAP Program           SAPLSTCOMB
Application Component  PS
The following syntax error occurred in program "SAPLSTCOMB " in include "LSTCOMBU02 " in line 173: 
"Field "PROJ_STATUS" unknown"  

It's solved now by activating the OPS_PS_CI1 (Enterprise Business Functions). This regarding with PS Component.

In the PROJ table, append structure PROJ_STATUS is active now and field PROJ_STATUS created in that table.

Also read this sap note : 1654763

Maintenance Order Screen Problem (IW32, IW33)

In the maintenance order likes IW32 and IW33 the screen not fit correctly, so we must use scroll to see the datas.

It happened in the SAP ECC6 EhP6 especially if installed with SAP_APPL 606 (SAPKH60604).

Just implement this SAP note : 1775663 - Maintenance order screen sizes, it will solved the problem above. It makes some correction in the program SAPLCOIH screen number 1100 and 1130.


Friday, October 19

Error Java SDK Installation Under Suse Enterprise Server 10 SP4

When doing installation for SAP under SLES 10 SP4, in the pre-requisites steps we cannot install Java SDK about failed dependencies for libstd++.so.5.

Installing using command zypper in libstd++.so.5, can not installed because this package was not found.

To able install this Java SDK, just install package : libstdc++33-32bit using software installation tools (YAST), and we can continue to install this Java SDK successfull.

Rgds ..

Monday, October 8

How To Extract Multiple SAR files using SAPCAR

I needs to extract many SAR files for my SAP. To do that, i use only one command :

      SAPCAR -xvf "K*.SAR, E*.SAR, I*.SAR, W*.SAR, S*.SAR"

using this character "", and use comma (,) as separator if i need to extract more that one file.

Rgds ....